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Wow, this is terrible news.  I was expecting him to be a real contributer to a now thin frontcourt.  I thought he could certainly be in the first 7-8 rotation, and a potential starter at the 4 spot.  The only good news is with sitting and practicing, and his physical attributes, he should be a beast when eligible.  A year of strength training and post moves should really improve his low post game, which they will need in the future.

This puts a ton of pressure on Baltimore and Goldsborough to give us quality minutes at the 4.  If those guys aren’t ready, and I am not sure they will be, I think we are going to see a lot of small lineups with GK at the 5, HG at the 4, with CJ moving over to the 3, MM at the 1, and DC and BB splitting the 2.  I can’t see CJ getting a lot of minutes now at the point guard spot (where he probably projects in NBA).  He could be a point forward type of player, but Lehigh is going to have to spend a lot of time going small and pushing tempo.

Is CB our consensus starter at the 4 this season?  Or, do we go to a smaller starting 5, moving in essentially 3 guards (CJ, MM, BB/DC) with HG and GK? 

This also puts even more pressure to use that last scholarship this season, and the 3 next season on bigs.