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The obvious concern now is that the frontcourt stay healthy this season. I suspect we may be playing a bit smaller this season with 2 wings and a PG at some times. This is what we lost in production on a per game basis:

52.2 minutes

14.2 points

7.5 rebounds

1.5 assists

.7 blocks

1.3 steals

I know that much of Baltimore’s minutes were in mop up time but I’m sticking to the theory that his low minutes were due in big part to 3 seniors being in front of him (plus a proclivity of turning the ball over). If and this may be a big if he can extrapolate last year’s #s over 26/mpg with the freshman/sophomore learning curve, this is what we MAY see on a per game basis:

26 minutes

7.4 points

9.0 rebounds

.4 assists

1.1 blocks

1.3 steals

If Goldsborough can chip in 7 points and an assist in his 26 minutes, potentially there is no dropoff. This season just got a bit more interesting.