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Reading through that entire article, he will only have the Advisory Board opinion and any opinion Reed receives from NBA GMs before April 10. The tone of article basically indicates the NCAA has usurped the NBA deadlines by imposing this April 10 deadline that essentially forces the players to make a decision without any combines or private team workouts – all with the goal of having more players decide to stay in college. Plus it says the Advisory Board tends to be conservative.

I think the confusing aspect is that a player, per the NBA (not NCAA) has until April 29th to declare. So technically, if I understand it correctly, CJ could declare as he has already, withdraw his name on April 10th to keep the NCAA eligibility, then declare again by April 29th. At that point, he would lose NCAA eligibility, but would have had 19 days to gain more information, albeit secretly and illegally by NCAA standards. That is assuming he could theoretically declare twice, which I cannot tell from the article would be a correct assumption or not. The article insinuates there is no real benefit to declaring before April 29th, as a player can hear from the board without declaring. And they would still have their eligibility up until the date they did declare. The only consequence is the player has to undeclare by April 10th.

Clearly, the NCAA and NBA need to agree to a mutual date. It appears the NCAA (the non-profit entity right??) has tried to pull a power move here in order to keep underclassmen in school. And don’t tell me the reason is to help these kids graduate.

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