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Other side of this, from article, is that the Advisory Board will be very conservative in saying where he will go. For him, I believe that would be second round. Don’t think they could “advise” him that he is a first rounder. So, what is he really getting here? He’s not losing anything by putting name in, and really not getting much either.
06, on the deadlines, you have until 4/3 to opt in to Advisory opinion, you get that opinion by 4/6, then to keep NCAA eligibility you have to withdraw by 4/10. If you want to skip the Advisory stuff, then you opt in to draft by 4/29, but you lose eligibility. You can’t work out for teams until the Early Entrant list is put together which is 5/3 or 5/4. Then you can start working out, and go to Combine in June. You can pull out of Draft again by 6/18, but that is really only for guys who have a place to play (Euros), as the NCAA guys have lost their eligibility. At least that is how I read it. It is a ridiculous process, clearly.
But, CJ will really have very little info to go on, by 4/10. Reading all of this, I am now more of the opinion that his Lehigh career is over.