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I’m glad CJ put his name in, and this is what I was expecting all along. To suggest that he is worried about not impressing at workouts and hurting his stock is to suggest that he isn’t a competitor and isn’t confident that he has the talent to play in the NBA. If he had dropped 30+ on Xavier, then I agree that it is quite likely his stock would never be higher (a la Steph Curry who took Davidson to the Elite 8 I believe), but that isn’t what happened.
This way he can put his name in the draft and get on the radar of any teams/scouts that aren’t aware of him already. He can go through the process of going to workouts. Not to mention that potentially invaluable feedback he should get from the Advisory committee and various teams. If what NBA teams are concerned with are his ability to do x and y, why wouldn’t he want to find that out to give him a chance to improve on those things next year if he comes back? I really don’t think he has anything to lose by putting his name in.
If I were in his shoes, I would go through the process, and unless I had an absolute garauntee to be a 1st round pick come back to LU. He can then continue to hone is game and (hopefully) enjoy the fruits of this year’s labor by becoming the BMOC and seeing larger crowds than Stabler has seen in years and helping his boys Gabe and Holden win a 3rd PL crown. If he IS a 1st round pick, then he gets 3 years of garaunteed money and gets to live a lifelong drfeam. Sounds like a win-win to me.

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