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90 – I gotta disagree here. Maybe it was just me, but I assumed all along he was going to declare. It gives him the opportunity to experience the process. I highly, highly doubt he would get mistakenly swayed by a team to the extent he hires an agent. Everything I have seen, and everyone I have talked to, indicates he is a smart kid, as are his parents, and he would not be influenced into a decision. I was told after the Duke game by some sources that he is definitely staying. That could have changed in the past week or so, but they seemed quite confident and knew the situation closely.

For someone who has NBA aspirations, he has to, in my opinion, give himself the chance to play into the 1st round. He is a competitor and could have a once in a lifetime opportunity (injury, bad year, etc.). I haven’t checked out many other sites/mock drafts, but Chad Ford has him as one of his first 5 guys out of the first round right now. If he is that close to the first round, he has to go through this process I believe. So many things can happen, heck he could stay and not get drafted next year and end up in the D league anyway.