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I watched 3 of the 5 games. Don’t jump :-)

Although CJs shooting % was low (about 37%), it was not from a lack of getting good looks. He was 2nd in the summer league in scoring and one of only a handful of rookies in the Top 25.He averaged over 4 rbs per/ g and nearly 4 assists. He is well ahead of all the other rookies.
Is he where he wants to be…no. His low shooting % is not from a lack of good looks. He is simply missing shots early in games.Remember, he hasn’t played live since early January.
Portland already has a great PG. Lilliard isn’t playing summer league. CJ is there fore the only option at the #1. He will be asked to spell Dame and play along side him as a 2. He will be fine. Portland has big plans for him.