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He’ll be just fine. That was their 5th game in 6 nights and he is leading the SL in minutes so far, fatigue may be a factor. Also his first 5v5 games since January.

Don’t read too deeply into summer league shooting percentages. I remember when Kevin Durant shot a poor percentage in Summer League, and he seems to be doing OK now. Most important thing is he has proven he can find space to get his shot off, can handle the ball full time, and play defense against NBA guys.

A lot of the issues you might see will be alleviated playing alongside better teammates (like the rookie of the year from last season, Damian Lillard). Problem with this setting is a lot of these guys won’t be playing many minutes this fall; a lot of them won’t be on rosters at all.

Got to watch in person vs. the Suns while in Vegas last Saturday (his best shooting performance.) Definitely stronger physically than he was at Lehigh. CJ’s really their only PG getting a lot of run, so they don’t have many ball handlers to take some pressure away. All of the NBA people with whom I spoke (including Lillard) are impressed. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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