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Alright,I’m over my freakout now :-) Thanks for talking me down guys! I’m just so eager to see CJ succeed at the next level, and it felt like the Blazers weren’t doing it right! I don’t think I ever watched summer league games before, so I had no basis for comparison. Looking back on it now, I know you guys are right about reading too much into it. Most trips, it didn’t look like they even got into an offense.
I also understand that they needed to see CJ do a lot of different stuff. I’m just eager to see him get the opportunity to shoot in rhythm more often. The 3 to send the last game into OT was the stuff. Looked smooth, confident – and then the swagger!
Agree with kbrissy too – he did show that he could get his shot off, even without offense creating options. If he does get some minutes along side Lillard, he should get a lot more in-rhythm looks, too.