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I don’t understand the mock drafts at all, but there is no doubt that the small school guys don’t get put that high, because the so-called “experts” haven’t seen them. Also, the guys who play more college ball are penalized over the one and done’s based on mythical “potential”. The Euro’s are always put too high as well based on intrigue and “potential”. Austin Rivers is projected a top 10 if he comes out of Duke. Is there any doubt, after seeing him and CJ on the court together that CJ is clearly the better player? It wasn’t even close in that game. CJ could break those guys down off the dribble at will. There is a premium at the NBA level of guys who can get their own shot. CJ has shown, against all NCAA competition, that he can do that. I have to think that when CJ goes to individual team workouts against his peers, his stock will rise dramatically. There is virtually no one that can guard him. I have never in my life seen such close defense as Duke played on him in that game. The Duke player was literally touching him chest to chest 35 feet from the basket. It didn’t matter.