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Three comments:

1) Regarding our DC’s coverage and HC’s offense, from the Worcester paper:

“We’ve been improving in the running game as our offensive line got healthy and our running backs have been running the ball better,” Gilmore said. “Early in the game, Lehigh was coming out and twisting up front and calling a lot of cover-2. We just felt we had a better chance to run the ball and it worked. We’ve been working on it, but also a reaction to what Lehigh was giving us.”

2) The defense did come up with a MASSIVE play in the fourth quarter — without it, HC could have sealed the deal:

From the Worcester paper:

“The Crusaders responded with Laughlin leading a march into Lehigh territory, but on second-and-10 from the 14, senior defensive end Anthony Verderame strip-sacked Laughlin and senior defensive end Tom Bianchi recovered.”

3) Lehigh’s going to have to spend a whole lot more time on offense next week, keeping Colgate off the field. Last time McCord played against Lehigh was in 2009 (as, yes, a sophomore — he did not play in 2010)  and he gained 159 yards on 32 carries in a 27-20 Colgate win at Hamilton.

Sure, LU and Colgate are different teams and they’re playing in Bethlehem, but this could be a game for the ages.

When’s the last time there were two such high-powered offenses paired up in the PL with everything at stake? It’s been a while.

LU total offense: No. 39; Colvin No. 8.

Colgate total offense: No. 3; McCarney No. 9.

Colgate’s McCord No. 4 in rushing; McCarney No. 3 in passing efficiency (Colvin No. 28))