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Boy — how do the coaches handle this? These games are heart attacks in the making …

That last drive was great — though hard to see the TD on the HC online video (and I had to turn off the announcers, the older guy was a real homer).

Lots of opportunities slipped by, but team found a way to win …

D was sloppy. Loughery, Mahoney missed; Boyko amazing; DBs shaky, though the HC tight end and Mistretta were quite good — HC OC came ready to play.

Some odd play calling on LU offense in some of the three and outs (I liked seeing Barket run behind FB).  Old special team bugaboos came out again — fumble (will Suggs ever get another return chance?) , missed XP and what should be a high-percentage FG. How can you compete at a national level when your FG kicker’s range seems less than 35 yards?

Next week’s game will go to last team standing … Seems like it might be tough to stop McCord and Colgate QB, but who knows?