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My impression of Coach Reed (and his staff) are that they are pretty solid recruiters (and getting better now that they have some notoriety/momentum to sell). I think they have done a good job in developing talent. CJ and Holden both improved immensely in their time. Mackey has improved as well.

I also think that they are good at installing their systems offensively and defensively. I really like the fast pace they utilize on offense. However, to this point I think that their weakness has been in-game coaching and game prep. I think Reed is in the bottom portion of the league when it comes to game coaching. His recruiting, development, and teaching probably outweigh it though.

Agree that this is a year to learn a lot about the staff as this is really a new position for them. They have what appears to be a ton of blank slate talent and we will get to see what they are able to do with it.