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I agree with those above who put Reed as a solid recruiter, who runs a solid program. My problem, too, comes with his in-game coaching. He seems very slow to make adjustments, particularly at the defensive end of the floor. I like that he is a defensive minded coach, and that minutes are only provided to those who can defend. But, I don’t like his lack of diversification in his defensive approach. His strict adherence to man to man principles goes a little too far, in my opinion. I think there is appropriate times to play zone, appropriate times to play man, appropriate times to zone press and trap, and appropriate times to full court press. Reed, really never does anything other than man in a half court set. He has the talent to press, but never does. And, if he played some zone, particularly against the bigger front lines in out of conference games, I think his team would be more effective. But, he is not very versatile. I like an in game coach with a full bag of tricks. If a guy gets hot, go box and one, or throw in some match up zone, there are plenty of applications. Triangle and two or other gimmick style defenses can be effective in the right spots.

On the offensive end, they also seem pretty vanilla, running the high pick and roll, or their motion style offense.

I like Reed overall, and Lehigh lucky to have him, and he has built a nice program. But, he is not a great X’s and O’s guy.

I would not put him in the league of an O’Hanlon or Paulsen as a game day coach. In PL, I would say top rung as recruiter, and midlevel rung as game day coach, upper level rung in running a program.