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Since the CJ announcement, I have been trying to find out some info on Brett Reed moving on. If CJ goes, this is the ideal time for him to also leave, as he probably won’t be this highly thought of again, nationally, after the Duke win. The coaching carousel if moving pretty quickly, but I have not seen Reed mentioned for any of the potential openings. However, the names are never really released, so you are always kept guessing until the position fills, or somebody announces they don’t want it. Here are Reed’s possibilities (I have tried to make this current, but some of these jobs may have filled):

1. Central Michigan (already discussed, definite possibility as above)

2. Brown (unlikely, doormat of Ivy, not a step up)

3. Miami (OH) (another MAC potential)

4. College of Charleston (possible, he has Southern connections)

5. SMU (very unlikely, they want a big name and willing to spend heading into Big East)

6. Duquesne (possible, in-state move, jump up to A-10)

7. South Carolina (no shot, position filled)

8. Wagner (step down, position just filled)

9. URI (would have been another A-10 step up, position filled)

10. S. Illinois (better conference, position just filled)

11. Missouri State (better conference, unlikely)

12. Kansas State (no shot)

13. Canisius (not exactly a step up, unlikely)

14. Winthrop (solid connections to the area, possible, step up?)

15. Samford (has coached in Southern conf, possible, but unlikely as not much of a jump up or down)

16. Tulsa (great job, proud tradition, their coaching pipeline over the years is amazing, unlikely however, and looks like Danny Manning is going to get the job)

17. UAB (good job, solid program with history, position filled)

18. Mississippi St. (no shot)

19. Illinois (no shot, now position filled)

20. Ohio U (another MAC job, very possible)

I think if he was to be offered the MAC jobs (CMU, Miami, Ohio) he should jump, and also if offered the Winthrop or Duquesne jobs he should jump. He also could potentially jump to a major program as an assistant, and probably make more money then he is making currently (i.e. when McCaffrey went to ND from Lehigh).

If CJ stays, he jumps next offseason, if he has another good year.

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