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I just remember all of those highlights, box scores and game write-ups from the KUA site. Guy loved to shoot the 3 ball, and we discussed it a lot on here after his signing.

I didn’t mean I wanted him on the low block all of the time, by any means, but at his size, I would hope he has some game down there. It is hard to rebound 20 feet from the hoop, and we are going to need him on the glass. He doesn’t project to guard 2’s and 3’s on the perimeter.

I hope he is a hybrid as well, but I can’t see any way on this roster he is not a 4. At his size and length, we are going to need his rebounding in a huge way on this team. I don’t know if Kempton is going to be a reliable rebounder, at least early in his career. He is not going to take up a lot of space down low, and I think he likes the midrange face up game, from limited I have seen. He is going to be one of the tallest PL players, but that only takes you so far. JG’s rebounding is OK, but he is not dominant down there. CB can rebound, but don’t see him in big minutes (hopefully). Maybe SW can rebound well for his size.

I think many would agree that Chuku could be the most important player on this roster. He is a real wildcard. If he has big upside, that bodes very well. If he is still raw, and not a real contributor, I think that is going to be a problem. If he is not ready to really contribute, you are going to need both SW and TK to be ready.