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Yah he totally could be a 2 bpg guy for sure, think he had almost that last summer in euro under 20 tourney. to the point made previously and again by 90 above, this isn’t an 18 year old. He turned 20 in spring I believe so he is probably now perhaps a bit closer to 21 than he is 20, and at 6’7 6’8 with 7’4 wing and legit 230, not a program only 230. He is without a doubt the most fascinating guy on team as we head into the season and his production will be one of key barometers for how season goes. Truly excited about him and what I like are intangibles as he seem like a hard hard worker and someone who if be produces can be a leader of this next generation of LU Hoops. Shucks if MM can’t lead an gets suspense again for fourth straight year in a row JC might be able to lead now, and might have to.