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You don’t want to read too much into the information provided but we get so few that I’ll take a crack at some takeaways:

1.) Re MM, “hopefully providing leadership as most experienced guy” – obviously not the best phrased, with CJ or Gabe it was always a quote like “strong leadership from our seniors”, for MM he could have said “with departure of such a strong leadership class, MM has really stepped up as our team leader”, but he was pretty far away from saying that.
2.) Liked the part about how some younger players might push AD for playing time, but then he hedged pretty well on AP expectations. Did call out defense and 3 point shooting, guessing the he is working on things is related to dribbling/penetration areas.
3.) Like how he called MS athletic and explosive, matches what we saw on video.
4.) Confirmed like we thought that he thinks of SW as a hybrid and point forward and not a power forward guy, so we’re all on the same page there.