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Even if LU does have the full complement of 13 scholarships, I don’t see the staff bringing in 5 freshman in a year, as it would throw off the balance of the classes for years to come.  I agree that there is a solid chance that Renninger is on schollie, I’m just waiting for some sort of confirmation.  It is odd that he is literally nowhere on the recruiting sites with even a token profile, and there numerous local articles and game reports featuring Renninger never name any schools recruiting him.  A few years back LU brought in the best player in the Lehigh Valley, Brian Hunter (from Emmaus, also 4A), as a preferred walk-on.  He lasted a year at Lehigh before he transferred to Desales where he was an all-region player at the D3 level.  This situation somewhat reminds me of the Hunter situation, although Hunter did not average anywhere near 2k points.  I find the Creighton interest a little hard to believe, and the Duquesne interest was just a single mention – that could mean a letter, a phone call, an offer to walk on, we really have no idea.

I did find one mention of AAU, where it sounds like he played on a team coached by a former Penn State player that included a number of kids from State College.  Doesn’t sound like a big-time AAU team and there.

Renninger and multiple Little Lions play together on an AAU team coached by former Penn State standout Glenn Sekunda.

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When I searched for Glenn Sekunda, it looked like he was involved with the NJ Roadrunners AAU program, but I could find no mention of Renninger on their website or in any game write ups.

Hopefully there are some newspaper articles coming down the pipeline that would shed some light on this.  Any maybe Hoops can get us an early scoop!