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Avgrenn – thanks for posting, you sound very familiar with Cole, so please come back often and contribute on the board.

Agree with Sbum, life is good when you can add the leading scorer in the state as a walk-on. Whether he makes an impact or not, there is no downside to this, and upside is we still got a spot left open.


So here is where we’re at right now:

Mackey and AD confirmed for next year as Seniors

CS, SC, CB as Jrs

DC, JG, JC as Sophs

AP, TK, SW as Frosh

And BJ hanging in the wind. If BJ returns, that is 12 schollies, if BJ leaves we’re down to 11. If 13 is our max, we have one left whether BJ stays or goes.  If 12 is our max, well then we need clarity on BJ before moving on.

Simelton is still out there, named top 20 in Chicago, picked up offers from Northeastern and Norther Illinois in the last week. Just posted to twitter that he doesn’t know where he is going yet.