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And BJ hanging in the wind. If BJ returns, that is 12 schollies, if BJ leaves we’re down to 11. If 13 is our max, we have one left whether BJ stays or goes.  If 12 is our max, well then we need clarity on BJ before moving on.

This is the other question as far as the 12/13 debate. We still have no confirmation that BJ has ever been on scholarship. So even if he comes back next year, it’s possible we are only using 11.

It’s possible he qualifies for financial aid, and is treated like a scholarship player, and therefore the staff has never felt that need to extend one. The fact that the game notes refer to him as a walk-on, and the fact that Doc Reed described him that way when he started to play last year, makes me think it is quite possible he is not a scholarship counter.