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I agree that most times a walk-on is not supposed to participate or be an impact early in their career if ever. However, I have followed Cole Renninger’s career and will be surprised if he does not shock a lot of people in the next couple years. As for the area he competed in it may not be the urban basketball rich setting that most recruiters spend their time but there have been some pretty good players from these areas. Lebo and Owens were mentioned but I do not consider District 3 part of Central PA.  The area teams Renninger has played against range from Williamsport to Johnstown. These areas have produced players like, Danny Fortson, Chevy Troutman, Pat Cummings, Phil Hickey and the Nastasi brothers just to name a few. With the talent coming back for Lehigh any incoming players are going to have to compete like crazy to see the floor. It should be fun to watch all these players and how they develop.