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SBum & all – I was doing some thinking last night, never a good thing I know, and wanted to share with you all my thoughts and open this back up for discussion. Forgetting for a moment if we are allowed to use 13 or 12, forgetting if BJ is coming or going, on schollie or aid, it is all very confusing! But, I think we’re all operating under the assumption that we have an opening for next year. For a while now it seems we’ve been talking mostly about getting a true PG, and while I bought into that and if that is what we end up bringing in I’ll be okay with it, my thoughts last night started to sway my prior notion and now I’m thinking we try to go big again with this last spot.

When you look at next year, any time you lose close to 5,000 points it is going to be a transition year to some extent, doesn’t mean a bad W/L year, but lot of new peices added to the meix. Factor in the fact that we have atleast 4 new scholarship players hitting the court next year for the first time in JC/AP/SW/TK, that’s 33% of your schollies if you use 12 as a max for our program.

However, when you look at team next year your wild card is definitely the front court as opposed to back court. Now I like the guys we’re bringing in, confident 2 of 3 bigs break right, but look at the below…our guard play is more certain/known commodity than our frontcourt….

With an all league PG in MM, a solid backup pg in CS, and then AD/SC/AP and perhaps DC off injury, you’re looking at 6 schollie guards right there, not counting BJ. If BJ returns, we should be a top 2/3 program in league next year on pure guard play. MM & BJ, and then perhaps AP breaks right and/or SC takes a big step and you’re pretty solid in backcourt…now I know number 3 ain’t walking back through these doors, but that’d still be a solid guard nucleus, something you could win with if you had a stud frontcourt(See bucknell). If BJ walks, it obviously opens up 30 minutes a night for folks to fill in, but I’d argue we’d still be decent at guard play and perhaps we get lucky and AP blows up out of the gate.

Now looking at frontcourt we had 4 guys this year on schollie that were “bigs” in CB/JG/HG/GK/ Now HG/GK both graduate, and CB hasn’t shown much to this point I think we can all agree. So next year you got JG who flashes in spots and oozes upside, and then the 3 newbies coming in in JC/SW/TK. So if you consider CB a bench guy, you got 4 guys to fill out the bigs spots….and ZERO have proven themselves at this level, ZERO. So perhaps we try to get another big, and add to the numbers game and increase odds that we get a few to break right. Finding bigs at thsi level is hard, we all know that, so you got to take some shots/flyers, and that is why I’m thinking you take a shot at going big again with last spot.

I think we can wait on PG until class of ’14, and have this newbie and CS be the pg combo for following year. We went right from Hall to MM, got lucky there, but CS is nice stop gap for a year if the ’14 pg doesn’t work out,a nd then you get another one in ’15 to try to unseat the ’14 kid if he stinks.

Just food for thought, not married to it, but it was what I spent some time in the car last night thinking about while driving.