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Wow, interesting, glad we’re bringing in someone, but certainly would like clarification if it is schollie or not. If Duquesne was sniffing then it probably is a scholarship player, weird we heard nothing of him ever and there isn’t a ton out there minus that video mostly from 2009 and 2010. I know nothing about his league from a competition standpoint, so those numbers might not be a great indicator of future success.

Good article below from last spring, talking about ball distribution/passing abilities, so maybe he can play the 1 at this level. Truly a mystery and hopefully this is a guy we get lucky with, looked good in video but all these guys look good in these videos! One of his tweets said he was looking at creigton but they went with a juco so he was fired up to play them now that they didn’t bring him in. Interesting. DOnt see him mentioned on creighton or duquesne boards, so he really appears under the radar, which if his stats are so insane seems weird.–Morgan-lead-basketball-squads.html?nav=5080