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Watched both videos last night; his highlight reel and the training vid.  First to admit that I don’t have the trained eye – but a couple of quick observations.  Would like to hear what others think.

For a PG, I expect to see a very “natural” or “instinctive” handle, and I don’t think I saw that.  To be clear, a good PG just seems to control the ball without focusing on it – the ball is just with him as he moves.  I didn’t get that “always in control” sense from the video.  And if so, is that something that can be developed at the college level, or is it a “you’ve got it or you don’t” thing?  I did see some nice passes on drives, which does mean he’s seeing the floor on the move.  And he certainly seems to be doing the work, based on the training vid.


Next – does his shot release look a little low?  Not at the top of his jump?


In general, I guess I’m seeing a hopeful project.  Thoughts?