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Thanks for the heads up. The game is too far for me but please keep us informed.
In an earlier post, you gave a very honest assessment of Cole’s strengths and weaknesses. The good news is that Lehigh’s biggest need on paper at least is a pure scorer, especailly one who has the ability to get in the paint. The bad news is that Coach Reed puts a high premium on defense and ball control. That is by no means a problem, just a challenge.
A long time ago, former Lehigh great Mike Polaha told me that in order to improve his handle, he would put obstacles up in his basement then dribble around them…in the dark. The ball became almost an extension of his hand and he learned how to anticipate that which he could not see. In fact, darkness seemed to be the answer for perhaps the best female foul shooter I ever saw. Besides taking 500-1,000 foul shot/day, she would shoot many of them blindfolded. At some point, muscle memory took over.
Lehigh plays a lot of man defense. Cole was a defensive back in football with a lot of athleticism. It will only take the willpower to bridge that gap.
Again, very much looking forward to watching his career at Lehigh.