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Cole looked to be a possible 1 or 2. He is a tremendous passer and really sees the floor well. He has the ability to guard a one and is physical enough to even guard a 3. He completely frustrated the MD point guard and banged with the bigs to haul in 6 rebounds.  His speed and athleticism are not a question. During pre-game Cole was easily going off two feet with some highlight film dunks. His speed up and down the court was also very apparent. I also found out after speaking with his coach  at the game that Cole decided to run track this year and in his first ever competitive event broke the school’s record in the 100 and 200.  10.8 something in 100 and 22 something in 200.  I don’t see athleticism ever being an issue. To be honest I cannot believe this kid is not a full scholarship player.

The Husek kid is a legit 6’11. He has a very soft touch and stepped out and hit two threes in the game. He is not afraid to be physical but has a long way to go on his post game. He did not look very comfortable with his back to the basket and is a little slow of foot. His lack of athleticism was apparent on the defensive end but his length is tremendous. He has the potential to be a very good player in the future but I don’t see him dominating like Muscala at any point in his career. I am not an expert so I could be wrong on all accounts but this is my opinion.

The Alexander kid is extremely explosive and looks like he can be a star in PL. Physical athletic and versatile. Has the ability to run the floor shoot and handle. Will be surprised if he does not start or contribute significantly as a freshman. I really like this kids game. Took smart shots moved well without the ball and played on the defensive end. This speaks to his competitiveness as most kids don’t defend in an all-star setting. HC got a really good player.