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Thank you for the article.
There has been a bit of discussion about how much chatter there has been on here recently about Cole.
I am not going to make a projection here but the comparison is intriguing.
Four years ago we signed a combo guard from Ohio who for some unknown reason generated very little recruiting interest even though he was the leading scorer in the state of Ohio.
So let’s compare Glen Oaks CJ McCollum with Central Line Mountain Mountain’s Cole Renninger
Both will enter Lehigh at 6 ft 3″
PPG   CJ 29.3      CR 27.2
Reb   CJ  7.8        CR   8.3
Ast    CJ  2.5        CR   4.3
Stls   CJ  3.0         CR  4.7
Sh % CJ 50.7       CR 54%
3 %   CJ 40%        CR 39%
FT% CJ 85.7%    CR 52%  (This absolutely needs to improve)
Both CJ and CR were known as slashers with the the ability to hit the outside shot. I believe that basketball was CJ’s only sport in HS while CR also played and succeeded in football and now runs track. I have always felt that there is more upside potential for those now concentrating on one sport for the first time.
Am I saying that this is the next CJ? Absolutely not. I think he has a ton of athleticism and that on the level he has played at, he has the ability to do wonderful things on the basketball court.I also believe with the right amount of self-discipline and determination to improve his skills, he has the ability to do some significant things at Lehigh too. After that, the sky is the limit.
Just one man’s opinion :-)