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Any summer leagues that players play in must be sanctioned by the NCAA. The rule doesn’t apply to those who just graduated from H.S., but it does apply between college seasons. Thus players are always reminded to make sure their leagues are sanctioned. But the rule also applies to players who have been out of H.S. for a year or more, even if they did not go to college immediately.

The purpose, rightly or wrongly, is to keep track of these leagues and make sure that NCAA rules are followed regarding things like (1) no pay for players; (2) no more than two players from one college team on any summer league team; (3) certain geographical limitations; (4) not for-profit; (5) no involvement of agents, gamblers, coaches from college teams, etc; and (6) medical insurance provided for all players.

The NCAA likely has no problems with innocent participation in a non-competitive church league, which is why his appeal was successful. But it’s hard to write a rule for every situation – and some of the rule is there for a purpose that is backed by the great majority of D1 schools.

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