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Surprise, surprise.

Lehigh outplayed AND outcoached. Colgate played great, particularly on D.

Biddle said it was was the best win of his career. I’d have put an even line on the game beforehand if I were a bookie.

LU defense put up an incredibly valiant effort — perhaps best game of the season against by far the best offense it saw.

What would have happened had there been no  onside kick?

Have other teams finally caught on to Cecc’s play calling? How were we not able to run against these guys? Way too many mental mistakes. Colvin seemed to think he was invincible. Too many dropped passes (and that one INT) from a crew that has been almost perfect all year.

Good to see Peery’s kick …

At least it was a good game to watch … and exciting … CBSSN announcers outstanding, as was overall quality of broadcast. Todd Christensen very knowledgeable.

Next week’s shaping up to be a close game. My guess is LU will be out to prove something, especially if they think they have a chance at an extra week of play.

Today’s  outcome was too bad, but it’s been a good run.

What are the chances of getting a playoff nod now?