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Colgate has me nervous, but another thing that starts with a C has me a total wreck tonight. Chad Ford, resident nba draft guy on espn, posted the below:

• Lehigh’s C.J. McCollum isn’t a stranger to college basketball fans and NBA scouts. They’ve been watching him closely since his breakout freshman season at Lehigh. But, over the course of the past six weeks, with word coming that McCollum might declare for the draft, teams are taking a closer look and liking what they see.

McCollum is a 6-foot-3 scoring machine who can light it up from anywhere on the floor. He’s quick with the basketball, an elite rebounder for a guard and racks up steals. The biggest question for McCollum was whether he could work his magic against the elite teams in college basketball.

In the past seasons, he has struggled. This year was an improvement. Against St. John’s, Iowa State and Michigan State, McCollum got his points but didn’t shoot well from the field against relentless pressure.

Still, if he does declare for the draft, he has a shot at making the second round, even the late first round, according to a handful of NBA scouts.

Now I think it is unlikely he leaves early without a guaranteed first round selection, but I guess you never know. I would stick around, have a huge senior year, keep working on my game, get a degree and another ring with my boys gabe and holden. Point is I never even thought this was a realistic option, shame on me I suppose. I’d be heart broken if he left us man.