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I think Lehigh rolls in this one, by 20+. Colgate is pretty bad. Two wins in PL, both against winless Navy. I think Lehigh will take them seriously due to the last game and the halftime lead. I think it will be ugly for Colgate early. I really like Matt Langel as a young and upcoming coach. He was a really good player at Penn, and has a nice coaching pedigree from his time under Fran Dunphy at Penn and Temple. As a player, he always looked like the type of kid who would be a coach, someday. Smart, heady player, who could really shoot it from 3. Unfortunately, the cupboard is bare of talent on that squad. I am hoping he can bring some players to upstate NY, and put some fans in the gym and revive that program. Interesting note about him, his father has been an sports agent to some NBA talent over the years. I know he is Doug Collins’ agent, the coach of the 76ers. His son was groomed from a young age in the game. I think the biggest disappointment in the Patriot League is on the Colgate squad, John Brandenburg. I remember when Virginia signed him out of high school, they were high on him as a big man. When he transferred to the PL, I thought he could be a dominant player, but 5 points a game and 3 rebounds, and 2/2 last year is very disappointing. Scouts really missed the mark on him.