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Lehigh has been playing down/up to competition all year. This should have been a laugher.

We were lucky not to pay for mistakes and lucky that the Columbia coaching staff made some extremely bizarre/conservatives play calling on O.

BB was off — wind, hammy? Who knows? (Hard to say that with his numbers, but he started 11 of 11.)

Lack of a consistent run game against a team like this is scary. Sodeke was absolutely awful for second week in a row. Lucky not to have a turnover on an odd D-holding call on a run. Where are soph. and fresh. RBs/FBs?

Anyone who thinks running the PL will be a cakewalk — despite teams’ weaknesses so far — is crazy. This race is wide open; anything can happen. After looking at the numbers Holy Cross put up, I’m REALLY worried about them, too, and I saw them play early in the year.

Too many drops, penalties, poorly thrown passes — I could go on. Stats looked way better than game, in case you missed it.

BTW: My guess is Kurfis could have had close to 20 catches if passes were better … BB hung him and another receiver out to dry (to get smashed upon a catch) at least twice.

Nice recovery by Paris after muffing another punt. Hopefully he’ll be safe w/the ball.

Wind a factor? Looked bad on TV.