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I haven’t looked this up, so tell me if I’m wrong if someone has time to look up today, but Iowa State game we got SMOKED….smoked big time, only late in garbage time when we were donw like 25 did we chip away to narrow it down. BUT – I agree with your premise, we’re going to be okay, we just wanted to see more/earlier on in the season against big tests, and we just haven’t gotten that yet…but March is so far away, and with CJ and some growth from JG and CB, we could be very dangerous come march.


Agree – NIT did us a favor with a good fairfield team kenpom 130’s and Penn is always a good opponent to get experience playing. ALso, Rob Mor will end up being a “good” win by end of year, they’ll win 23-24 games wehen all is said and done. Take care of biz at home next week and all is well….


Yes we’re missing adams and maneri, prolly because we didn’t replace them haaha – remember, we’re two schollies short handed! I might try to work that into every post for rest of hte year…we’re two schollies short….