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I like your comments about HG, but you failed to mention in Game 5 of his freshman season, HG went for 18 points on 8/10 from the field and 2/4 from 3 and 6 rebounds in 22 minutes.  Can we pencil Carter in for a similar line in the Penn game?  We can only hope.

I am still looking out the window over the ledge and here is why.  I think you pretty much know what you have pretty quickly at Lehigh’s level of college basketball.  When those players step on the floor for the first couple of practices, I think Reed has a pretty good idea of what he has.  We are looking for DC to be an all league player down the road.  If you look at the others that are in that discussion, Gabe and Mackey were starters from Day 1.  CJ was a starter game 3 of his freshman year, and a heavy contributor in games 1 and 2.  HG, as said above, went for 18 in his 5th college game.  I can only think of one player in this current cycle that does not fit the profile and that is AD.  He went for 17 in 18 minutes in his first college game vs. Penn St, and hasn’t come close to that figure again in the next 2+ seasons.  I have a pretty strong feeling that 17 points will be the high of his college career, which would be a pretty amazing statistic if it happens.

So, I think the fact that DC is a garbage minute guy in his first 3 college games signals real problems.  If the games were closer, he would have 3 DNPs to his credit.  If he was that talented I would think Reed would have gotten him minutes.  Hell, I thought he was going to be a 20 minute guy from Day 1, ahead of CS, SC and AD. 

Side note on DC vs. AD (who I probably saw play 20 games in high school).  If DC was the #3 shooting guard in Ohio, I would estimate AD was not in the top #10 shooting guards in NJ.  If DC was the #1 shooting guard in Cleveland, again I would not estimate AD was one of the top #10 shooting guards in Philly area.  I realize NJ as a state probably stronger than Ohio, and Philly better than Cleveland.  AD was Player of the Year in South Jersey, but that does not mean much when you compare to the powerhouse programs in the northern part of the state.  BJ Bailey, also won the same honor as AD (SJ Player of the Year), a year or two earlier.  So, for those reasons, I was very high on DC and from the Youtube video, which was plentiful.

The only thing I can say in DC’s defense is that he is sitting behind probably the best player at his position in the country.  He and CJ are natural 2’s at the college level.  MM started because Lehigh needed a PG, and GK started because Lehigh needed a big man.  We don’t need a 2 right now (obviously) and DC is not a specialist like SC, and does not fill another role (back up PG like CS).  I have to think AD’s experience is getting him the minutes and the starts. 

All that said, you need to get DC some heavier minutes in the OOC schedule coming up, when the games get softer.  Maybe that is the plan.