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Agreed Dave will be missed and can be replaced as all coaches can. However, regardless of who it may be (hopefully not some so called HS guru from the area) but a good college coach that has credentials and understands recruiting at the Patriot League level.
Per the D – it is in shambles and I can assure you that if a vote were taken both DC’s would not get a vote of assurance for their coaching and defensive calling abilities.

Let’s look at the last 2 years – we have left the PLC on the table vs Colgate and Laf and the D has gotten progressively worse. Could have been 4 PLC in a row and literally a dynasty.
The D is very complicated and they do way to much. (This is not football on Sunday) Plus, just because we have smart players (some will say we need to make up for lack of athletic ability as well) – this is baloney! Bottom line if a player knows what to do and gets lined up correctly he has a shot. However, if he is unsure and his align is not correct than forget about it – he is done. There is not enough time in the day to teach and rep all the defenses and techniques they are doing vs the offenses they are seeing.

I am not always a stat guy – but when one looks at the D Stats they are horrible and it is a wonder this team won 8 games.

For anyone that believes everything is OK – you are kidding yourselves.

By the way – Laf was not a hot team! If they were so hot they would have given New Hampshire a game. Laf is avg at best – we blew it! If we played avg D that game we would have won however we came out with some new scheme and Laf knocked us off the ball and threw the ball over our heads.