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Agree on the QB situataion – in Off Season leading up to Spring you need to determine who is leading candidate and then major in him thru Spring ball.

Per the Def – do not discount the problems that everything is OK.
What is our identity on DEF? We do not have one!
Let’s take Laf game – what in the world was our def game plan? Their offense was avg at best with a decent QB – TB – WR (look how Hew Hamp shut them down)
There were times when we were out flanked and had 2 down linemen on one side of the ball and 2 stand up OLB on the other with a TE/Wing to the side. That is poor defense – this did not happen just one time.

4th and 26 Are you kidding me!!!! No one play causes you to lose but this one had major implications. This is coaching – not putting players in the correct position. This play defined the season for me defensively!

Slip Screen that broke our backs in the 4th QT – we look like we never ran a pursuit drill. Pursuit was terrible – this is coaching when you are playing the 11th game.

How many times did we lose contain???? and let their QB get the edge and hurt us. OLB’s were not disciplined and we had a NG containig on some calls in MOF. Cmon, this is not sound football.

Our middle DL/ILB’s got eaten alive by an avg OL – how many yds rushing? 300 – the LB’s looked soft and could not get off blocks. Plus the missed tackles by these guys is getting to the point to where I wonder if they ever do any tackling drills as a def.

Playing Man def in the secondary deep in their territory! This is fundamentally un sound especially when done every game. This is a set up for failure – and when we play zone the receivers never get touched or redirected. This is poor OLB ILB and DB play!

These are just a few issues from one game –

Someone mentioned run a 4-3 (we do not have the size to run this upfront) IMO – but I truly wonder what one would call our Def since as I said earlier we do not have an identity. This goes back to CO DEF CORD and Coaching!

Is it the players or the coaching! Has to be one or the other.

Lot of work to do on both sides of the ball!