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Wow,someone really has it in for the D,and like I said,they may be the strong suit of the team next season.The 4th and 26 was pass interference on Ross(so forget that play)When you have a safety that spectates and doesn’t react until after the fact,that is coaching.(but the kid was a 2 year starter????) Even losing Ward,the secondary will be better if…..Campbell moves to SS. Rigaud looks to be the real deal after watching him as a sophomore. Find a corner(maybe a HEALTHY Suggs) and FS(Wilmington looked good at times) that can flow and not watch the plays,secondary will improve. Get Laub,Kondas,Robb,and Caslow on the field together,fill your line with Newton,Gyles and a few of the younger guys and stick with the 2-5(4-3).