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The 4th and 26th / how can one forget that play? Was PI called? No – so it was not PI> Yes it was a bad no call – but point being – the Cov call was not a good call for the down and distance. The player should not have been put in this position.
The DB in this case should not have let the WR outside of him – the replay shows that he bit and subsequently the WR got behind him. The DB should have never been put in this situation to run with a guy by himself 4 – 26.
I am calling it like it is – don’t have it in for the D but after seeing us do things that are fundamentally unsound it gets old.

Again – this D needs an Identity and it starts upfront!
The personnel is not there for a 4-3 and the 2/5 not sure what that is but it is there for a 3/4.
NT is needed from the bunch of DL. (not 57 nor 96) they are sterotypical 5 TECH and should stay here / 4Tech as well. We need to control or at least stalemate the LOS as one blogger said. This has to do with Tech / align as much as it has to do with personnel and back to identity and coaching. Getting guys in the correct position.

96, 57 at DE plus I would add a few pounds to 40 and put his hand on the ground as a DE. He would be more athletic than many OT’s and not have the outside containment and pass resp that he struggles with some.
57 would dominate at this position – he is not an inside DT.

OLB’s – 38 would be better outside than in / inside he is a bit lite in tail and athletically suited better outside. Outside his tall / lanky body would be a benefit rushing the passer and in coverage. 42 did a great job last year and has another year. 39 also showed some ability this year.

31,56,and 47 all played and showed well at times / made plays and with more reps should be solid. Plus, I am sure there are a couple guys that can fill in and will surprise. We have depth here –

DB’s – good athlets – 26, 28, 8, (29) should be moved to DB – SS but can he handle 2 deep zone after playing up, 14 and 13. This is a deep group and athletic – drill and work on a few zone coverages, plus man and man under and let them play.
Forget about all these fancy coverages that look good on the board – it is on the grass that counts.

My point – this is a good nucleus of guys and I may have missed some but all these guys for the most part started and played some.

We need an Identity – one guy calling the shots that these kids would rally around and a good supporting cast – and KISS for the Def Playbook.