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Dear King? there is not a NG on the team(see #72 the past years) I will use his name because as a fan YOU should know the names. Sajjad Chagani is exactly what this D needed, and NO there is not one on the roster. With schollies, THAT is the #1 recruit. You CANNOT run a 3-4 without that player,so yes , the 4-3/2-5-5 suites a smaller but faster team. Your #56 and #42 should play special teams, and allow younger players like Ripanti and Caslow and Robb and Laub ETC to play the LB’s’. As someone that has studied this D for the past 4 seasons,yes they had their issues this year… BUT trashing coaches and bad mouthing a group that has gone 39-9…..Belongs on the Lafayette board. I thought 8-3 or 9-2 would have been a great year for this team and it happened. Hopefully your “player” gets on the field more next season and your disposition brightens.