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It is official

The most crucial Off Season for Lehigh Football in years with both staffs in disarray and holes to plug on both sides of the ball on the recruiting trail.

But – most importantly is taking care of and working with the athletes you currently have and this is where their is the disconnect. Dave was very well liked and respected by the players as opposed to the overall sentiment about the coaches on the Def side.
You cannot count on any freshmen they sign for next year or transfer for that matter. The players you have are precious – they are the investment you have made. One better work with them and develop them.

On Offense – this has not been a problem but now it will be.

Defensively – there are major issues as I stated already. One being players not knowing what they are doing. IMO combination of “doing to much on def” and “doing a poor job of teaching”!

I don’t need to hear that Lehigh does not have the athletes – they are smart and they can handle more complicated defenses. Is it better to know what you are doing and react which what playing defense is? Or not be sure on what you are doing and let a man run free because you were thinking to much!
It is not rocket science!

Lastly – this has already impacted recruiting and will continue to do so on both sides of the ball.