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You R dead right! He is gone – I can assure you of this. And yea unfortunately considering he is the best coach – teacher and communicator on the staff. Being a HC will be a nice move and a step up – plus I believe he has to see what has been happening on the other side of the ball.

Many are hoping there is going to be movement on the D side of the ball since they have been outmatched here the last 2 years and it is only getting worse. The Laf game was a travesty and really put the icing on the cake. A novice could see the D had no clue – players out of position in alignment and players playing out of position for not only this game but the whole season.

Roberts and Wilcher cannot get it done – cmon CO DC’s this never works plus either one of them does not have the overall knowledge to get it done. Bot – he is going thru the motions and punching the clock / may have been good in his day but that has passed him by.

More to come.