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Nobody is going to touch that backcourt next year. I thought about that very late last night that Lehigh has taken a step above Bucknell and should be favorite next season. But, I then remembered that Dominic Hoffman, incoming for Bison, is a total stud. He is dominating top notch competition here in NJ, and his talent level exceeds the mid-major level. With him, Muscala and Willman, Bucknell will have a top notch frontcourt. So, it will be tough again, no doubt. Lehigh is going to need some bigs to help Gabe next year, and not sure they are on roster, unless KM healthy or CB really makes strides, and he is a bit short. Hoffman looks like real deal, and a couple of coaches I know have been praising him all season. He can hang with St Patrick’s and St Anthony’s talent, and that is saying a lot, as the good players in those programs play at top 20 college programs. He is about 6’7″ give or take, can score, board and block shots. But, hard to sometimes project. AD dominated NJ Catholic league competition as well, but the North Jersey programs are much stronger than SJ programs. His school Gill St Bernards is in midst of a deep State title run.