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Our Front Court for next year:

GK – a 4 man who plays the 5, 6’9 in height. Senior.

HG – a 6’7 with guard skills, is good rebounder for size, but certainly smallish end of 4 spot if play him at the 4. More a 3/4 hybrid. Senior.

CB – 6’6, long wing span, showed good rebounding ability, undersized 4, not big body, averaged under 5 MPG last year…RPM stats were very very good, but still, an undersized 4 with not a lot of experience….can get backed into basket by bigger 4’s…clearly his success is key piece for this team next year.

Add in two frosh with no college minutes, neither wide loads, JC 6’7 whose athletic and can rebound, but more perimeter guy then post guy, and not thick/tank like PF/4 guy….and JG 6’8 and reported to be skinny/light in the pants…

We are undersized for the PL, let alone any team we’ll see in the NCAA if we get there.

If it is true that we have an extra schollie, with one year left in CJ era, you have to compliment existing perimeter oriented line-up(MM, BJB, CJ, DC, SC, CS, AD..) with another front court guy…even if its another 4, I don’t care, just give me someone who you can put down low and help on the glass and give me 5 fouls..