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Not so sure, he is necessarily a fringe guy, either. Maybe they see him as an upgrade over AD or SC at that position.

Lubick committed to Colgate as a soph and then with the coaching change either had a change of heart or the offer was revoked by the new staff. Since that point, I can find no info on any other scholarship offers. If he was considering going D3 as of a month ago, I assume that means he did not have other offers from high-academic D1 or D2s, which by definition makes him “fringe” and on the cusp of D1. I watched youtube videos of St. Mark’s this year, and the kid clearly plays hard and knows how to play, but hardly ever touches the ball, and when he does so primarily just swings it to the opposite side and facilitates the offense.
Again, if he is coming, I think he will help the team. He plays hard, has some talent, and is a coaches son. But I don’t agree with giving him a scholarship, even if there were no big man prospects interested.

Also, I don’t know if the two sites I cited about can be trusted. I still can’t find any articles or confirmations other than his name listed on a couple of 2nd tier recruiting sites.

There WILL be games this year where Gabe gets in foul trouble and/or isn’t playing well. Who is going to come in and guard Muscala? Or Wroblicky? And that’s only the PL…

’90, did any of your emails turn up anything?

BTW, the Van Nes kid from NMH that I posted about a few weeks ago as an available big went D2. Not sure if he had any D1 offers, but he WAS 6’10 and his brother plays at Fairfield.