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If true, this is a freeking debacle, unless this kid is CJ 2.0, it is a joke. Next year is about championships and extending this years success, and we NEED frontcourt help not another guard. How many 6’3 and under can one team possess? Unless reeds plans 40 minutes of hell/pressing philosophy that I’ve called for, this is awful. CJ, GK, HG, MM, BJB need bigs to go deep into march again….

So of our 13 we’ll have MM, CS, SC, BJB, CJ, DC, AD, and NL as 6’3 and under…now don’t give me crap I know just as you do that SC is 6’4, but you get the freeking point here folks…is there another team in NCAA Mens Div I basketball that would have EIGHT, OCHO, 8….EIGHT….eight….our front court is so young, inexperienced and small it is a lose 3 front court seniors and a legit big body center to injury and you bring in two 6’3 guards, a 6’7 3/4 and a 6’8 skinny 4….that isn’t planning right there…bad job by reed and staff..