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I looked through the list of honorable mention players in that conference. The majority of them are underclassmen and getting recruited by major programs. Of the seniors that are honorable mention, I see one kid signed at Missouri, one signed at UC Davis, one signed at Holy Cross, one signed at Bentley (D2) and one at Trinity (not sure D2 or lower), couple undeclared (may not be updated). So, I guess it is possible that he could be a walk-on, but unlikely. All of the kids on this list, are playing basketball for free, or close to free somewhere. So, I can’t see this kid walking on at Lehigh. If his brother is playing at G’town, and his dad is a well known coach in New England, obviously, they are savvy to the process. I would doubt he is walking on. Not so sure, he is necessarily a fringe guy, either. Maybe they see him as an upgrade over AD or SC at that position. I agree that I would love a big man (6’8″+), but we are not UNC or Kansas, and those guys are really hard to find, especially this late in the game.

Sent a couple of emails out to try to get confirmation on his status.