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Folks, I’m not looking for Adonal Foyle or David Robinson, just give me another Maneri or Mgebroff, some wide bodied 6’8-6’10 guy…I want 10 minutes, 5 fouls, 4/5 rebounds, for next year. I just want some spare minutes in front court to slow down the muscala’s of the world, and free up GK to slide to the 4 and not worry about foul trouble.

I’m not questioning if this kid is good or if reed is good judge of talent, just don’t understand the roster management from position perspective. We won the PL, we beat Duke, but that doesn’t mean I or you can’t question something that doesn’t make sense at first blush?!?!! 8 guards on a 13 man roster, is a bit peculiar, to me anyway. If that makes sense to you, tell me why.