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Very nice recap.

It would be nice if the students got a little more into the game, but you have to be very happy with the early season turnout last night.  I don’t know why those in the area wouldn’t want to come out and see this team play – CJ is worth the trip alone.

Although HG was solid last night, I still think the team overall needs to improve their rebounding.

From articles/tweets it looks like BJB will be out again. I don’t see a reason to push him back, especially against Penn tonight. Possibly (hopefully) he gets some minutes this weekend or early next week up in CT.

For those there, did anyone else feel the overall atmsophere was lamer than normal? There was nothing in between time-outs, there were periods of silence during stopages (I heard the phone ring on the press table ring multiple times), and there was just no buzz at all in the building. Is there any effort to get people to come to basketball games by this athletic department? Is there any effort to make basketball games more enjoyable? Bad job by our athletic department…very disappointing but not surprising.

Not going to make the back-to-back trip out I-78 tonight, but I expect us to roll Penn pretty good. Hope to see some of you out at Stabler on Dec 1 for the FDU game. In the meantime, let’s compile some Ws.