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Thanks Rich – Actually just joined AGS today and was suprised at the hating done on Lehigh (like you said – mostly by the frustrated Laf fans).  Just wondering about the home playoff game as I still have a bad taste in my mouth from our last home playoff game against JMU (2004?).  I can never forget that 7 play goaline stand @ the 1yd line after that bogus call for excessive celebration after they stopped em’ on the 1st 4th and goal play.  WORST CALL EVER

We always play the CAA well – beat Richmond on that miracle FG yearssss back, got screwed in that JMU game (who went on to win the TITLE that yr), put a scare in the Blue Hens 2yrs ago and then got a sweet win @ Towson last year.  So i think you are absolutely right you wont find a CAA fan bash the PL or specifically LEHIGH!